Julie L Guerrero

"Walk in Beauty" -Navajo


Julie Guerrero is a multimedia artist who currently shares her time between Aberdeen Washington and Tucson Arizona. Her art is influenced by the interplay of Nature and Spirit experienced in Washington's Olympic Peninsula and Arizona's Sonoran Desert. A weaving of the physical and metaphysical influenced by her Mexican and Eastern European heritage is also core to the journey stories found in her work. As a multimedia artist, Julie works in acrylics, colored pencil, mono-print, recycled plastic, and digital collage. She is also a graphic artist whose artwork is being used to illustrate the Habits of a Systems Thinker along with other resources for the Waters Foundation.

Julie received her training informally through many mentors and the Drawing Studio in Tucson, Arizona. Formally educated in Spanish and Chemistry, she has recently retired early from 30 years as a Spanish and Systems educator to focus on Art. Her work can found at the Alder Grove Gallery in Aberdeen, WA, http://aberdeenartcenter.com/  , Eggers Gallery of Fine Art  http://www.eggersgallery.com/ , Art Impact USA http://www.artimpactusa.org/the-notables.html,   North Beach Artist Guild and Associated Arts of Ocean Shores venues, and on the Waters Foundation website, Watersfoundation.org 



  • PO Box 873 Aberdeen, WA 98520